The importance of photo ID badges

Today no one can deny the importance of photo ID cards or the government IDs. Whenever you want to open a bank account, apply to some work or simply receive a remittance, they will ask you for a photo ID. If you don’t have one, they will at best shrug and then send you the hell out, pointing at the door. It is thus recommended that you take care of your documents and do not lose it by being careless.

Losing the IDs is too easy. All you have to do is to drink a bucket of beer or a bottle of vodka, and you already know not what you are doing. When you are drunk, it is very likely that someone will pick pocket you, and as the ID is likely to be stored in your wallet, they’ll just have it with them as a bonus. Although most of the burglars would throw it away, others may even utilize them for some filthy schemes.

Some of these schemes involve getting the loans and credits on your name. They may borrow as much as ten thousand bucks, and then you will the one to pay it out! Proving something in this case often becomes problematic and you may even end up in the jail. Other technique that they may utilize is to open a fraudulent company on your name and use it for money laundering. The blame will fall on you…

If you don’t want this to happen, you better carry your IDs in a secure place. Placing them in your panties would be too drastic, while placing at the inner pocket of your jacket could be the best place – both, convenient for you and inconvenient for the thieves. If you go out somewhere where you unlikely to need any IDs, like a local shop, etc., then it’s better to leave it at home. Seriously.

The same applies for your credit cards – I would never recommend taking it with you if you are intending visiting some noisy parties, and get drunk with your friends. It’s better to lose cash than your credit card or an important ID document.